Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Styling Book Review: The Hair, Makeup & Styling Career Guide

This styling book is a classic; it's been around for years (since 1995) and surely guided many makeup artists and fashion stylists beginning their careers. Crystal Wright conducts portfolio workshops throughout the U.S. for these startup stylists.

Though it's brimming with information, I find the book hard to read. I am distracted by the blend of interviews, checklists, and advertisements on divided pages. Though I have not viewed the latest edition I imagine is a similar presentation.

When Crystal contacted me a number of years about "advertising" in her next edition I was surprised by the concept. But perhaps that is how she is able to publish and update it on a regular basis. It is a useful resource, particularly for makeup artists more than stylists, though a quite different style from my own book.

This is part of a series of styling book reviews.

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  1. I am a makeup artist and this book really help me along the way. Even those who recently undergone acne scar reduction wants me to do their makeup because I could make the scar disappear.