Saturday, August 13, 2011

Book Review: "Image-Makers"

A fairly informative book, written by Lee Widdows and Jo McGuinness, the authors of "Catwalk: Working with Models." This career book was published in 1997 and refers to a time ten to fifteen earlier when fashion styling became a "respected profession." So there's some historical context for you. It's written from the British perspective as my book is written from the US viewpoint.

It's essentially an honest overview of the fashion styling career, with sections focusing on runway, editorial, advertising, catalog, and music promotion, and how stylists work in these aspects. But it's only an overview. There are lots of photographs showing each type of styled photo; there is more imagery than information.

Interesting to me was the section on working with makeup artists and how editorial styles in hair and makeup are established on the runway.

The kit list at the end is brief but I learned something. Tippex was suggested to "touch out small marks on white clothes." Tipp-Ex turns out to be a white-out type product popular in Europe. I hadn't thought about having white-out in a styling kit, but as the book emphasizes, it is critical that fashions on the runway are impeccable.

Image-Makers is out of print but still available at Amazon and other used book sellers. This is one of a series of styling book reviews.

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