Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Impressive Promotion by Dan Whipps

Dan Whipps is a Baltimore-area photographer whom I met virtually, like so many people I "know." I had asked food stylist Debbie Wahl to submit some images for my new book and she sent several great samples she'd shot with Dan. I hope to use one or more to illustrate food styling in “Starting Your Career as a Food Stylist,” coming out next spring.

A few days later I found a package in my mailbox, a cardboard box labeled Dan Whipps Photography. Inside was a hand-assembled booklet that he sends out to prospective clients and I was honored to receive it. But under it was an even bigger surprise – two sturdy glasses. Sliding the booklet from its vellum sleeve, I discovered that it tells the story of the glasses. He says, “So, I found this glass in a hotel room in Michoacan, Mexico… It is utterly unremarkable and yet, it struck me as the perfect vessel,” and he goes on to tell of his search for the same glasses back home, where he ordered four cases.

On the front of the book: “My favorite glass, A love story. With Pictures. Dan Whipps”

On heavy paper, the pages of the booklet illustrate with beautiful photography (and styling) various uses for the glasses. Dan says he puts each booklet together by hand and I’m sure there are times he’s started this process. But it is such a treat to receive that I believe a client’s appreciation would make it worth his effort.

A composite for my book of some of my favorite images (of the 16 photos included)

I’m not sure how long he spent working with stylists Debbie Wahl ( and designer/art director Betty Walke. ( I decided to create a composite of these images for the book to feature in my new chapter on Prop Styling. It provides such good examples of prop styling, as well as an inspiration for self-promotion. Dan Whipps:

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  1. The combination of Dan Whipps' photography, Debbie Wahl's styling and Betty Walke's art direction and design add up to MAGIC! So delighted when I can work with them! So glad you are sharing their project with others.