Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashion Styling Contest on Photo Styling Workshops

Since holding a Photo Styling Workshops contest is so much fun we've got a new one going on - and have extended its deadline. Past contests have included:
  • Show Us Your Toolkit
  • My Favorite Styling Tool
  • Photograph Your Mashed Potatoes (oddly this one received no entries, even though it was held over Thanksgiving weekend!)
  • In One Sentence: How did you discover styling?
  • and... Batting 1,000 to celebrate 1,000 Facebook friends and discover an image to use on our upcoming Home Page
Batting 1,000 brought in only food styling images, but some great ones! This was the winner by Israeli photographer Danny Lerner.
So we decided to hold a Fashion Styling Image Contest, to bring out the fashionista in our friends and customers. The winner will receive free registration for any online course or workshop (up to $50). It ends this Saturday, September 24 so pull some images. You may be the stylist or the photographer - or both!

These are a few of the entries so far:

Submissions above by Adrian Perry, Dasha Mosolova (MoDa), and Bianca Schmohl. Read contest rules here on Photo Styling Workshops. You can enter on our Facebook page or send your entry to photostylingworkshops@gmail.com.