Thursday, December 15, 2011

Student Book Review: "Career Diary of a Fashion Stylist"

by Samia Lavenant
I really enjoyed this insight into Kim Maxwell’s job as a stylist. It gives a realistic step-by-step description of all the functions involved in order to be a successful and more effective stylist. It is about constant research, multi-tasking, and organization.

There are so many activities that are involved that need to be done in order to be a top and sought-after stylist. The activities vary from changing your image, cutting your hair, to watching a movie as research. I like how she is a fast thinker and problem solver. It shows how being a fashion stylist requires a lot of energy and to learn and keep on learning.

When she is looking for new work she has to be on top of her game and be good at selling her service. I like the part where she works with the hip-hop group and how she manages to get more wardrobe than initially ordered under the low budget she was given. She mentions what a challenge it is, but she makes up for it with her experience. However, in this example she also shows how some factors are out of the stylist’s control like the jewelry rental. This was a clear example of how even when you prepare for all of the scenarios, there could be a mistake from someone’s end that reflects on you.

However, each job has to be analyzed to see what you have learned and things that can be improved. In each day of her diary it gives you a note about things that she feels can make her more sharp and effective.

I found this book very pleasant to read and very informative. I was also more optimistic to continue with plans to develop a styling company since in my current job I have to deal with a lot of multi-tasking. It also describes a lot of activities that I already do to research or out of interest like: watching movies for researching, surfing the web, and analyzing trends. I believe even though it is a stressful business I will enjoy it a lot.

Samia is a star student and an aspiring stylist. With ambitions to work in film and theater in addition to still photography, she has the potential to go far. (That's my opinion as her professor!)
This is the first in a series of student reviews of some of my favorite styling books.