Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Book Review: How to Style a Bed

How to Style a Bed
by Susan McDaniel

This is probably the only place to go to learn this specialty of the styling world, in this kind of detail. Many stylists are employed by bedding catalogs (some staff, some freelance), by departments stores, by bedding manufacturers, and even by magazines to create the inviting, comforting looks that support this huge part of the home decorating industry.

Susan McDaniel found this specialty while working in store display for a retail store and felt completely "at home" with it! Though some of her first bookings were sheer torment while she figured out how to do it.

In the interest of full disclosure, as they say, I urged Susan to write this book, edited it, and am publishing it through Photo Styling Workshops. But I think it's an excellent guide to the process which is not exactly what you would think; the rooms aren't always rooms, the mattresses aren't always mattresses, and there is more heavy lifting than you could imagine!

This is an E-book (but may be available in a printed version in the near future. (Let us know if you want one.) It is 52 pages packed with information, including a thorough tool list and glassary of terms. You can order it here.

And visit Susan McDaniel's site at Click on the VIDEO link to watch a very cool time-lapse video of her styling a bed! I just love it.


  1. Yes, Susan is right. It took me many years to figure out a lot of the tricks I use to create beautiful beds and interiors. This e-Book has enough of the basics to get you in the door and ready for your first bed shoot. Let me pull back the curtain on my area of expertise in the fascinating world of photo styling. Please email me from my website if you have any specific questions. Susan McDaniel, author of "HOW TO SYTLE A BED"

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