Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome Sarah Roads { High Styling }

I am so excited to be here posting here on The Invisible Stylist. Susan is a pioneer and styling rock star. For my introductory post I thought I would share a bit of my home and a little about my style and styling philosophy so we can get to know one another. So let's get personal.
Obviously there is a big difference between professional photo styling and styling your personal space. When decorating for you and your family I think the most important thing you can do is to make it personal. Your home should be your sanctuary and inspire you all at once. It's not about selling a product or impressing the neighbors, it's about enhancing your life; so I believe in surrounding yourself with things that move and inspire you. 

My office space is packed with mementos from travels, gifts from loved ones, family heirlooms, art, photography, and trinkets that inspire me… and they all get rearranged constantly; it is my playground. There is always a project in the works, and it will never truly be "finished". 
It could also be said that it's my therapy.  

As far as my decorating style, it is always evolving.
I veer towards black and white spaces, because they are classic and graphic. But I love bold color when done well...
I don't do matchy matchy... I get bored with patterns and prints too quickly to commit to them... I have to have a bit of nature inside... I love handmade, handcrafted things...I love the juxtaposition and balance that comes with mixing new and old things...
I like comfort and glamour equally... I adore art...I like to be surprised by design...I like spaces that are equally masculine and feminine... I prefer collected over contrived. Most of all, I like interiors that are soulful and tell the story of the person that lives there.

So how do you style your home? 
Are you a calculated decorator or a collecting stylist like me?

Thanks for having me Susan, I am honored to "meet" your lovely readers. 

Stop on by High Styling and say hello sometime! 


  1. love sarah & this feature :) such a beautiful home!!! i am absolutely a collecting stylist! things are constantly being added, moved, taken out of the is all about keeping it personal and inspiring. if i no longer feel inspired by something, it's out. XO brynn

  2. I am definitely more of a collecting stylist. I always enjoy new inspirations and how such contra distinctive items can still mesh so well. Loved this post; the photos are so gorgeous!

  3. Ooh I love Sarah and this feature is amazing. Loving the subtle touches of black and gold as well as the pops of color.

  4. When I'm styling / decorating my home...I somewhat of a "fly by the seat of my pants" collector. I buy what I like and some how it all seems to go together and if doesn't after iI step back and take a look I edit and start again.

  5. Beautiful home and interesting details. I am a collector as well. I could never choose just one decorating style and I prefer it that way.