Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gypset Style and ReWorking Fashion in HD

by Haley Byrd

This is an excerpt from stylist Haley Byrd’s entry in a 2011 contest offered by Lucky Magazine: My Career, My Way. Her fashion blog is Haley is a regular contributor to The Invisible Stylist.

From working in the lush tropics, trudging through snowy city streets or braving a sandstorm in search for the perfect ambience for a late night dinner with friends, the women who can experience and have it all have one thing in common, preparedness. As a Wardrobe Production Assistant and budding Costumer in television and features, I spend all my time with clothing and on the road. Taking up brief residencies in split locations, I quickly learned to think of my wardrobe as a Swiss Army Knife.
When I’m not working on a production, I’m traveling and spending every free moment I have building up my blog which narrates my passion of art, design, fashion, adventures in travel and street style. The last few productions I’ve been working have taken place in Hawaii. Ten-to-twelve-hour workdays are the norm and there is not one minute to primp in a mirror, touch up make-up, or wear questionable shoes. Given the nature of this position, comfort and practicality is key.

Habits of a Highly Effective Stylist
Moving around for work and pleasure has made me a devotee to the small, well-edited closet. I use a costumer’s trick by keeping my clothing safety pinned down on a muslin hangers and break up each hanger into various groups. I’ve divide the tank tops, skirts, shorts, jewelry, bikinis, intimates, scarves, belts and even dresses to their own hanger which allows me visually access all my inventory and to dress effortlessly.
I also maintain my own personal style commandments that keep me from getting sloppy and hitting new style lows, which can happen pretty easily even for a stylist and fashion enthusiast such as myself. I refer to these as my Six Styling Sins.

1. Laziness - Do Not Dress by Default

We all have certain items in our closet or footwear that are easy to wear or default to but know what those items are and stay away from them. For me in Hawaii, flip-flops are the eternal footwear but I look for cooler materials in closed toe variations to counter it.

2. Shopaholic - Less Is Truly More

I personally know I’ve dressed better out of a suitcase than I have out a walk in closet. Having a small edited closet challenges me to be more creative. Resoling a great pair of shoes, simple alterations and a quick dye to a garment help give your wardrobe the lift it needs.

3. Buyers Remorse - Know Thyself

By knowing your shape, color palette and likes you are more likely to buy what you need and get more full usage out of your current wardrobe. I always shop with a strategy and goal in mind. I’ll assess holes in my wardrobe and figure out the items before hand. Otherwise, I find most of my shopping to be fruitless. Lastly, I’ll get a majority of my key pieces tailored. A cheaper garment that has been tailored looks like better than an expensive ill fitted garment.

4. Overdoing It - Keep What You Love and Toss What You Don’t

I regularly scan and filter every element of my wardrobe and accessories on a monthly basis. I always keep the receipts and tags on unused items so I can return or exchange if I still haven’t worn them. For items that are no longer appealing to me, I’ll sell them online through a variety of great ecommerce sites or I’ll walk it in to one of the local Buy/Trade/Sell Shops. If I have a good group of items sometimes I’ll organize clothing swaps with some of my other stylish girlfriends and make a Saturday afternoon of it complete with food, laughter and fun impromptu fashion shows.

5. Never Changing - Always Evolve Your Style

Make it a weekly goal to try one new style out a week. Sometimes it’s in footwear, other times its something like boyfriend jeans, palazzo pants or a romper. This is the only way to get comfortable with something outside your comfort zone and to really keep your style evolving.

6. Brand Junkie - Don’t Discriminate

There are amazing finds and treasures in both fast fashion retail like Forever 21 to even signature collection lines with Target, Wal-Mart, and Payless. These are great venues to find items that can also have similar manufacturing quality that are just as good as some popular designer lines. I would also like to stress the importance of vintage clothing as well. Sometimes my vintage holds up better than my designer items and it’s usually already had thirty years plus on them too!

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