Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Never Go Out of Fashion

By Evelyn Robinson

If the most succinct way to describe yourself and your style is eclectic, then read on.

The most important thing when finding a fashion or form to express yourself is to forge your own style. Fashion and style magazines may offer a good cursor to base your appearance on but you do not want to be a replica of a publications page and a designer’s whim. Combining every facet of your personality and every trait you want to express, it is possible to find your personal style.

'Being yourself' is a high school counseling manifesto that seems to have little meaning after being dumped by your first serious crush; but it is a prognosis for a happier future throughout your years. Your adult years throw multiple curve balls at you in the form of bad bosses, mothers in law and judgmental fashion tomes. Fighting your way through these battles with dignity is one hell of an achievement; and whilst you will never receive anything resembling a medal, pride is reward within itself.

Aged 17 and with your first serious boyfriend/girlfriend in tow, you kid yourself that you have bypassed the age where the acceptance of others affects you. The respect of your colleagues and peers is something that most people will healthily strive for throughout their lives.

An important part of reflecting your interior in your exterior is finding fashion, furnishings and accessories that reflect your personality. These pieces can be picked up anywhere, anytime. Unless you want to live like a mannequin in a window display, an eclectic approach to personal representation is for you.

Grow With Your Experiences

Your clothes and your home read like a story of your life. The important chapters of your life are represented in the things that you have attained and lovingly kept throughout your years. Unusual artifacts and ethnic nic nacs evoke blessed memories from your past. The ability to travel the world is a modern day blessing that we do not always appreciate. The experiences and knowledge that we gain from travel should be worn like a badge of honour and reflected externally.

These experiences invariably shape who you are as a person, where you have come from and where you are going. Don't represent other people's tastes, experiences and preferences; wear your own colours.

Hidden Treasures

Incredible bargains can be found almost anywhere. Unique and beautiful style is sewn into the fabric of society. Penny Bargains are a modern phenomenon that has advanced since the advent of the internet. Centralised distribution centres mean reduced costs for distributors and the savings are passed onto you, the consumer. A wide range of deals from 1p mean that necessities and treats alike can be purchased in a guilt free manner. Decorate your home with all kinds of weird and wonderful works of art.

Flags, bowls, statues and much, much more can be collected and proudly displayed throughout your home. Find pieces that have personal meaning to you and represent yourself truly in your surroundings and habitat.

Likewise, owning beautiful clothing does not have to bankrupt you. Your family and bank manager will be thrilled with some of the bargains that are available to you if you look in the right places. Forget what Gucci and Louis Vuitton want you to believe you need and want; find your own style. High prices do not validate quality fashion; fashion is only validated by the feeling of satisfaction that you enjoy. If you are comfortable and happy in your appearance this will reflect in your poise and personality. This is real beauty and one that those around you will truly appreciate.

It is akin to having the world's largest bargain store inside your home at your personal disposal. Use it wisely and use it smartly and your life can be made a lot brighter and lot more fabulous. With a globes worth of goods and fancies within your grasp it is easier than ever to express your beautiful individuality and the pride it embodies.

Being eclectic is a blessing, not a curse. Never feel as though you are restricted by the high street. Everything in the world can be used as influence and inspiration, you just have to open your mind to them and you can achieve your fashion and function goal.

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