Monday, January 16, 2012

Student Book Review: "The Pocket Stylist"

The Pocket Stylist byKendall Farr
Review by Kaitlin Mariani

The book starts off with the three of women’s biggest misconceptions about fashion. Big fashion misconception #1 is to truly look great in your clothing you must maintain a model’s figure. All women are built differently, short, tall, skinny, fat, round, square. Each of us women all have different shapes and sizes. Some women don’t know how to dress themselves because they only notice others’ figures and don’t realize what they look like.

Big fashion misconception #2 is your style quotient is raised whenever you wear the must-haves of any season – wearing the BIG LOOKS assures that you look like you have an insider view of fashion. Just because it looks “amazing” on a model, does not mean it’s going to look that way on you or me. Models are supposed to be “skinny.” In my opinion, I think that models are way too skinny and they put a bad look on women in society.

Big fashion misconception #3: ready-to-wear is actually ready to wear. You will never find a "perfect fit” right off the racks. It's just not possible, unless you are a size 00 with no boobs and no butt, then maybe, just maybe you will find your perfect fit dress.

When trying to find an outfit for a photo shoot, you are keeping in mind the silhouette, proportion, fabric, and optical illusion versus delusion. Next you have to remember what is right for your body type. Different clothes look a lot different of women. When I am at a clothing store and I see women pick up something and then run straight to the register, it amazes me because then they get home and most likely then up not liking the shirt because it “didn’t fit right.” It only takes less than 2-3 minutes to try something on. In conclusion to this book, no woman is the same size. We all have our different curves. We all have things we love and hate about our bodies. As long as you love yourself and keep your head high then no one will pay all their attention to your body. Every girl should cherish their body and love themselves for who they are, inside and out.

Kaitlin Mariani was a student in my Fall 2012 Fashion Photo Styling class at San Diego Mesa College. Thanks, Kaitlin, for sharing your book review on this blog.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Student Book Review: "Talking Fashion"

Talking Fashion
Author: Sarajane Hoare

By Mikayla Medina

This book is known to be an “eye-opener” for all fashion fans. After reading this book and deeply trying to understand each photograph with the short story beforehand, I really enjoyed.

Sarajane Hoare became a well-known fashion editor in London in the late eighties. She decided to share her thoughts and experiences by answering through her book “Talking Fashion.” Each photograph that was put into the book had weeks of planning put into it and beautiful ideas. Sarajane worked with fashion’s finest photographers and together they put together this book that made me realize there is so much more to being a fashion editor than I thought.

My favorite quote by Sarajane in this book is on the first page she wrote, fifth paragraph, it says, “You must love everything about clothes, and do so with a passion. It’s not just about adoring to drss up for parties, or about shopping – sorry, it’s to do with writing about clothes, fighting for the ??, ironing, pinning, and counting them, weighing, carrying, and analyzing them, dreaming of them, even sleeping with the damn things – without ever being able to get away.” This was so inspirational to me because it pushed me to work harder and better for what I love. This book gave me a better understanding of working in fashion in the simplest ways.

The photographs are absolutely amazing, not a page I could get bored staring at. She added small quotes to each “theme” of her photographs that definitely keep the reader interested. The one that stood out to me the most was the model who modeled the choker necklace because she wrote beside it how the model fainted after the shoot due to how tight the collar was on her neck. This put imagery and thoughts in my head, thinking how you could avoid this from happening and what I would do in this sort of situation.

“Talking Fashion” was a book I enjoyed reading. I also shared it with my family while I was on vacation and they loved it. It is always cool reading about others’ experiences in the fashion industry and building knowledge of it.

Mikayla Medina was a student in my Fashion Photo Styling class at San Diego Mesa College. Thanks, Mikayla for sharing your book review on this blog.