Since photo styling is such a lonely profession at times, and few outside of the photography industry even know it exists, we present The Invisible Stylist to share the "secrets of successful stylists" with you. Here you can find workshops, books, videos, and styling tips that will expand your knowledge - and career. Formerly Photo Styling Workshops, this site is here for you to participate with, ask questions, and share.

With guest bloggers contributing often, you can find inspiring viewpoints - and lots of styling secrets! Writers and bloggers, we welcome your contributions; email Susan at photostylingworkshops@gmail.com. Or use the Post a Comment form at the bottom of this page.

About Our Classes

Special Features of our online courses:
∙ Class Meeting Online We will hold an optional Webinar on a weekend near the end of each class. This gives you a chance to meet fellow students and ask your instructor questions.
∙ An Online Class Album where you can access the lessons, related articles, and samples for discussion for your class.
∙ Meeting Fellow Students The opportunity to meet classmates online, communicate, and view their work.
∙ Small Class Size Limited class sizes allow more interaction with the instructor and the chance to develop contacts with your fellow students.

How the Classes Work
When you register for an online class, you will receive a welcome letter from us with more details. Just prior to the class you will receive a username and password that allows you to access all of areas of the website that you will need. On the course start date you will receive an email from your instructor with that week's lesson attached.

We start our courses on Tuesdays. This schedule gives you time to read and study the lesson. And you still have the following weekend to work on assignments.

Study on Your Own Schedule!
Our courses are completely online and we have had students from all over the world taking the classes together!

Every Tuesday during the session the instructor emails you a PDF of that week's lesson. You can print it out or read it on your computer.

There is no specific schedule for the classes. You can read and study the lessons at your own pace, on your own schedule. Sometime during that week you can complete your assignments and upload them to the Class Gallery, which is a site open only to online students and the instructor. Your instructor will add feedback and observations, plus you can view the other students' work.

Each weekly lesson will be fun and informative and includes a challenging assignment designed to help grow your skills, no matter what your experience level. Upon completing assignments, you can upload them to the Class Gallery. Uploading instructions are provided when you register.

You will be able to contact your instructor directly via email with any questions. Plus you can network with your fellow students via email or through various outlets available.

Course activities such as asking or responding to questions and communicating directly with the instructor can take as much or as little time as you like. We are all busy people with demanding lives. If you need to request time off for freelance work or travel, the lessons can be made up later – we are understanding of these special situations.

Payment for Classes
When pre-registering for classes, after you have paid your deposit, your will be invoiced through PayPal for the balance two weeks before the class start date. Credit card statements will display "Cox Productions."

These online courses are designed to benefit those at varied skill levels within the same class. For instance, Food Styling 101 was developed for both new, working stylists or those considering the career. The more advanced specialty courses will work for established styling professionals and those considering a new specialty.

Since courses are internet based, you will need a computer or at least temporary access to a computer, to view your lesson and submit your assignments. Please check the Requirements section found at the end of each Course Description for materials you will need for that class. We will keep the supply lists simple, especially for beginning students who are still exploring their career choices.

Digital Cameras
Though it will be helpful, you are NOT required to use a digital camera to complete visual assignments. Alternatively, you can shoot film and have it scanned into a digital format. Many photo labs, even those in drug and discount stores, offer the service of developing your film and putting scanned versions of each picture onto a disk.

Your assignments will not be judged on photographic quality or high resolution imagery. We understand that Photo Stylists work with photographers but are not professionals (with expensive photographic equipment) themselves. We will, however, provide guidance in creating work for your own portfolio.

Some of our courses are based on the book, Starting Your Career as a Photo Stylist” by Susan Linnet Cox. The book is not required for any of our courses but is a helpful resource. It is available here and through many retail and online sources, as well as the publisher, Allworth Press, at www.allworth.com. The book is an excellent resource for any new or established stylist so it will come in handy throughout your career.

Why Not Just Read the Book? Through the online classes you get feedback from an experienced stylist who can tell you what you are doing well and how to improve. When you read the book you have the basic knowledge of what to do, but here you have assignments, learn hands-on, and share ideas with your peers.

Course Benefits
The Class Gallery is a special online gallery that is open only to students in your course. You will have your own personal Album on the site. Here the instructor evaluates your work and you will get a chance to view how other students approach the weekly assignments.

We post highlights of student work in our Best of Student Work Gallery. Instructors choose the strongest samples from assignments to feature on this new Gallery. These images are also added to the photo albums on our Facebook page.

Communication with the Instructor. Direct and personal communication with your instructor via email is another option. If many students ask similar questions during the week, the instructor may address them in a class email or along with the next week’s lesson. There is no such thing as a foolish question. The communication provided in these courses is your chance to find out the information you need about this fascinating career.

Class Meeting Each of our courses includes an optional one-hour conference call/Webinar with the instructor and other students. This is an opportunity to ask questions, discuss styling issues, and network. This is not a free call; your long distance charges will apply. Participating students and the instructor can view materials together on the computer.

Completing the Courses
Any student who completes the assignments and participates in discussions will complete the ungraded courses. What you gain is up to you.

Completion Certificate and Discount Coupon
Although these online courses do not apply toward college credit, graduates may request a Certificate of Completion. Certificates are given upon satisfactory completion of the assignments and participation in the class.

Student Survey
We ask you to complete a student survey at the end of your course Your feedback is important to us as we continually work to improve our courses and teaching techniques. Upon completion of the survey, all students will receive a valuable $25 discount coupon for use in further classes.

For various reasons, students may choose NOT to share their work and have it critiqued online. Just let us know. You may arrange to email your assignments directly to the instructor.

We will not sell or share your customer information with any other organization.

Advantages of Photostylingworkshops.com

You get one-on-one instruction from an experienced, professional photo stylist and mentor, no matter where you live in the world.
The courses are self-paced within the session. You needn’t be at your computer at any particular time.
You can interact with your instructor and other students online at your own convenience.
Our lessons are challenging and the critiques are constructive and helpful.
Class sizes are limited so you can benefit from direct contact and interaction with the instructor and other students.
The lessons give you a weekly goal and the tools needed to improve, no matter what your professional level.
The chance to network with other students and professionals is rare in a profession where so many work freelance.

We hope you will register for a class at Photostylingworkshops.com and see how you can grow in this exciting career!

Refund Policy
Course and workshop deposits are not refundable. Balance of course fees are charged to your credit card approximately three days before class start date. Balance of live workshop fees are charged to your credit card two weeks before workshop date. These deposits and fees are non-refundable. However, if scheduling problems occur, we will make every effort to enroll you in a later course for the same price.

Our Goal & Copyright
All advice and information provided on this site is intended to help stylists find answers to their questions and develop successful careers. However, this site and our staff are not to be held accountable, liable, or responsible in any way for this information or how it is used by the individual.


  1. Hi. I registered the class, 101 foodstyling, but I didn't get a letter. My name is Mu-hyun Hwang and email address is funnyski@hanmail.net. Please check and let me know my ID, password, and the website.

  2. Hi Mi-Hyun, Unfortunately Susan has a serious medical condition and is unable to administer this class. I will contact you shortly regarding this.

    If there are other prospective students for FS101 who were signed up for the April class, please contact me directly at dwahl111@aol.com.
    Thank you, Debbie Wahl-- FS101 Instructor

  3. Hi,

    I'm a teacher for fashion marketing and management and will be teaching fashion styling next quarter. I'd like to get more info about the teachers guide.

    I jusr got the photo syling workbook as well as "starting our career as a photo stylist"

    Thank you and please email me at joa.bp@hotmail.com

  4. i ordered your Styling Bedding e-book on June 15 and never received it. i have sent 2 emails about my purchase and have not heard anything from you. i can forward my Pay-Pal transaction number on a private message. PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY.

    thank you,
    Courtney Watkins

  5. Is this site still active? Are there still workshops going on?

  6. Did Susan pass away? I saw a Memorial fund for her at San Diego Mesa College. :(

  7. Hi are you still offering the food style course online.

  8. Hello! I payed the reserve for the online course for food styling and didn't received an email or confirmation!!! can you please refund me the deposit i made through Paypal!!! my email is marisoltuk@gmail.com